Summer Refresh Guide

Start summer off on a mindful note. Here is a refresh guide to turn your back on the winter blues and look forward to healthier routines and clearer states of mind.

Keep clean & organized

As we always mention, it is all the little steps you take that really contribute to change. By doing small things like keeping your bed made and your room tidy, your mind will become more organized so you can better take on your day.

Aroma therapy

Using scents to relieve stress is such an easy and effective technique. Start your day on the right note by incorporating something like a rose water facial spray during your morning wash-up routine.

Dress cozy - always

Life's short... wear ultra-soft clothing. Find yourself a cute matching loungewear set to wear around the house, during errands, or even at the office. Didn't you hear sweatpants are SO trendy right now? Every Day-To-Day item in our Ultra-Soft Collection is made from our signature, moss jersey fabric for a luxe, buttery feel.