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6 Quick Resolutions for 2021

With 2021 fast approaching, we have all been thinking of ways we can make this year better than the last. Instead of overreaching with our goals and risking feeling guilty if we fall short, we have put together a list of 6 quick resolutions we could all try to make this year the best one yet. Check out what we came up with, and make these intentions your own to best suit your lifestyle.

1. Show love and gratitude. Be loving to all as we each go through the process of life and be gracious of what we have, not focusing on what we are missing.

2. Keep on moving. Any movement is better than no movement. Scheduling a couple of times throughout the day to just move your body will not only help you physically, but it can be a great mood booster.

3. Prioritize your happiness. Whether it is re-watching your favourite show for the third time or splurging on redecorating your home, life is too precious to not be happy.

4. Check in with others. Has an old friend ever reached out to you and it made you smile? Showing others that you are thinking of them is a great way to uplift someone’s spirits. Even if they are going through things, which many of us secretly are, a small reminder that we are not alone often goes a long way.

5. Don’t forget about water. Trying to have a cleaner diet? Well, what is cleaner than water? Trying to snack less? Drinking water will curb your appetite. Sitting for too long? Get up and refill your water glass. Water really can do it all!

6. Dress for success. What we wear affects how we feel, which is critical to get things done on a day-to-day basis. Put on a little makeup and wear a nice shirt even though you aren’t leaving the house. If you feel good, you will put more good into the world.